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The Milkman - John Mielke
Monday - Friday 9am-1pm ET

Milky (John Mielke - The Milkman) owns and operates BTR.

The Milkman Named Ottawa Media Personality Of 2017 by readers of Ottawa Life Magazine

A familiar voice on Ottawa radio for more than 23 years, (KOOL FM / BOB FM) you can now listen  to him here on BlastTheRadio.com weekdays 9am-1pm ET

Facebook: TheMilkyShow

Twitter @BlastTheRadio

Twitter @MilkyShow

Instagram: MilkyShow & BlastTheRadio


John Brenner - News
Monday - Friday 9am & 12pm

John has 40 years experience in radio, television and digital media in Canada.

Through his home-based business, John Brenner Media, he delivers the latest news in "under 2" weekdays at 9am and noon on BTR.

John is also available to host your podcast!

Twitter @BrnrJohn


Brian Kelly - Weekends

A very familiar voice on Ottawa radio, Brian has worked at CFRA, 54 Rock and The Bear!

Now Brian is keeping you company all weekend on BTR



Wanna B on BTR

Are you an experienced broadcaster looking for an opportunity to continue doing GREAT personality driven radio?

We’re interested in hearing from people who thrive on passion for great radio!   Payment is through crowd funding, so if you’re only in it for the money, keep your eyes on MMU!

Otherwise: milky@BlastTheRadio.com


George The Personal Trainer - Fitness Tips

Daily 11am

His journey started at the age of 8 years old as an athlete. Now, after 35 years of guided experimentation, while learning different physical, spiritual and mental practices, he enjoys using intuitively an eclectic approach to personal training to achieve his clients’ different goals such as: weight loss, lower blood pressure or blood glucose, muscle growth/muscle tone, or simply stress relief.


Twitter @GetFitWithGeor1

Instagram GetFitWithGeorge

Audio On Demand

Dec. 8th: Tip 1 - Consult A Physician

Dec. 9th: Tip 2 - The Benefits On Water
Dec. 10th: Tip 3 - A Challenge To Eliminate Alcohol For A Month
Dec. 11th: Tip 4 - Expanding Awareness
Dec. 12th: Tip 5 - Building Lean Muscle Mass

Dec. 13: Tip 6 - Be Effective In Burning Fat In Winter
Dec. 14: Tip 7 - New Beginnings
Dec. 15: Tip 8 - Keeping a regular sleep schedule
Dec. 16 - Preventative Action For The Holidays
Dec. 17 - Working Out After A Social Outing

Dec. 18 - How food and drink can affect emotions

Dec. 19 - Start something NOW
Dec. 20 - The best time for making a fresh start
Dec 21 - Eliminate Frantic Emotion & Fear

Dec. 22 - The Choices You Make With Food

Dec. 26th - Taking Action On Slowing Down The Aging Process

Dec. 27th - Taking vitamins & minerals

Dec. 28 - When Can I Cheat

Dec. 29 - Homeostasis

Dec. 30 - Burning Fat

Dec. 31 - When Is The Best Time To Work Out?

Jan 1 - Little Or No Results From 4-5 Workouts A Week?

Jan 2 - Good Pain vs. Bad Pain
Jan 3 - The Best Way To Burn Fat
Jan 4 - Anabolic Training & Menopause

Jan 5 - Eating Less Calories To Lose Weight
Jan 6 -
Positive Muscle Pain

Jan 7 - The Importance Of Aerobic Or Cardio Training
Jan 8 -
How to use training for your psychological well-being
Jan 9 - Control Your Breathing
Jan 10 - Dispelling The Myth About Sweating & Burning Fat

Jan 11 The most effective & healthy way to burn fat

Jan 12 - The Importance Of Stretching
Jan 13 -
The Purpose Of Flexing

Jan 14 - How To Improve & Eliminate The Appearance Of Cellulite

Jan 15 - The BEST yoga position to eliminate depression

Jan 16 - The Importance Of Discipline
Jan 17 -
A George-ism - How Sore Are You?
Jan 19 -
Digging For Pain
Jan 20 -
Why Downward Dog Is One Of The Favourite Yoga Positions

Jan 22 - How Cold Water Can Help With Depression
Jan 23 - Access The Most Power While Preventing Internal Tension During Reps
Jan 24 - Engorge With George

Jan 25 - Put Some Mass On Your Ass

Jan 26 - Breathing
Jan 27 - Recipe - Hawaiian Baked Chicken
Jan 28 - A yoga position to help with anger and/or fear
Jan 29 - Better sexual connection through exercise

Jan 30 - Positions for an intense connection
Jan 31 - The best time to have sex
Feb 1 - Opening up the hear chakra for a more emotional way of making love

Feb 2 - How to alleviate lower back pain

Feb 3 - How training helps with stress release

Feb 4 What is self intimacy?
Feb. 5
Shoveling Snow
Feb 6 - What can I do to reduce fat in the armpits?
Feb 7 - A sexy alternative to cardio

Feb 8 - The Best Way To Improve Circulation

Feb. 9 - How Elite Athletes Get In The Zone

Feb 10 - How To Be In The Zone

Feb 11 - Doing What You Love At A Much Higher Level

Feb. 12 - Pyramid & Aerobic Training

Feb 13 - How to develop bulging biceps

Feb 14 - Strengthening The Smaller Muscles

Feb 16 How to be open to experience the zone

Feb 17 Sports Spirituality

Feb 18 Getting More Connected To Better Embrace The Zone

Feb 20 Increase the probability of being in the zone

Feb 22 A Tip For Smokers Who Want To Get The Most Out Of Their Workout
Feb 23 What does fat represent to you?

Feb 24 Force Vs. Power

Feb 25 Your Body Should Follow Your Breath

Feb 26 Watching some Michael Jordan

Feb 27 Why your body will resist you losing fat
Feb 28 - The Best Music To Train With

March 1 Does Exercise Help You Fight A Cold?
March 2 - BMI Is BS

March 5 - How To Train Your Chest With A Bad Shoulder

March 6 - Reverse Your Intention From Concentric To Ecentric

March 7 - Reverse Your Breathing While Weight Training

March 8 - Exhale Explosively

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