When you absolutely love the music, you BLAST THE RADIO

Unlike most traditional broadcasters who are, for the most part, owned by mega corporations, BTR is owned and operated by an individual operating out of a small, self funded studio, in the basement of his home.

We do not have national sales teams, nor local advertising sales teams to fill our airwaves with commercial advertising.   While we do offer effective ad campaigns, we believe that our programming advantage is that our listener does not have sit through long commercial sets.  Therefore, we’ve limited the number of advertising spaces available.

Donating to BTR helps us pay for:

- Purchasing music.
Every song we download from iTunes is .99 to $1.29

- Paying music royalties.
Legally, music is copyrighted, and, in order for us to play these works, we are required to pay a fee for that right.

- Hydro and internet connectivity

- Our request line

- Streaming services so that you can listen.
Third party services such as MixLR charge us a fee to be able to deliver our audio to you.

- Website hosting.

- Computers, music software, studio equipment.

- The occasional hamburger for your owner/host.

We believe that great, local radio is a community effort and we very much appreciate the help.

A portion of all revenues generated by BTR (advertising and listener donations) goes to local mental health programs and services.

Thanks for your support

John Mielke owner/operator/host BlastTheRadio.com




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