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Sly Chapel - ELECTRODE 7pm ET / 4pm PT

Gérant d'artistes / Producteur de disques / Animateur / Conférencier / Consultant / Président du Groupe La Chapelle

Host of ELECTRODE (Friday's 7pm ET) - a weekly countdown of th week's top 10 EDM songs!

A wildly popular show on French radio in Quebec, BTR is the first to air it in English!

THIS is why you BLAST The Radio!


Phoenix Lord  RISE LIKE PHOENIX 8pm ET / 5pm PT

The mysterious DJ-Producer Phoenix Lord comes straight from an ancient legend of a magnificent creature characterized by its power to be reborn after burning in the flames.


With his debut album ("The Mass of Phoenix") that has reached #6 of the iTunes Dance charts in Canada, Phoenix Lord stands out for its originality, its extravagance and its ability to make us travel in a House musical universe with accents of the Middle East .


Each of his performances will reach your soul, awaken your senses and give you wings to fly to discover a better version of yourself! His song "Parc Belmont", which immerses us in the fantastic world of the famous Montreal amusement park of the same name that marked the 1920s, has reach the Top 100 on iTunes Dance.


His latest single, "I Believe", featuring House Music icon Robin S, catapulted him to the radio and DJ charts all over the world and propelled his growing popularity. Discover the magical universe of Phoenix Lord: you will also rise from your ashes.


MC MARIO - House Party 9pm ET / 6pm PT

Mario Tremblay, better known under his moniker MC Mario, is a Canadian song producer, disc jockey and radio host from Montreal, Quebec.

Born circa 1965, Mario studied in sound tracking/acoustic equipment at the UQAM. Upon graduating, he would go on to start his radio career in late 1980s with CKMF-FM (as a co-host) in Montreal, prior to switching to CJFM in 1990 which is now Virgin Radio Montreal.

In 2010 he has taken up co-ownership of the prestigious Club 1234 (now known as Le cinQ) where he's also shared the stage with DJs like Carl Cox, Bob Sinclar, Axwell, and others. From 1995 and up until 2020 he has hosted #1 Canadian Dance Party "The House Party" every weekend on Virgin Radio Montreal as well (now hosted by DJ Vito V).

Since 1993, he has been releasing mixtape compilations of various EDM artists at least 3 times a year. To date, MC Mario has sold more than 3.5 million albums in Canada alone, making him the 28th biggest selling Canadian artist of all-time. His album Summer Anthems 2011 was certified gold by Music Canada on December 21, 2011.

Moreover, since 2003, he is also known for producing his own tracks (alongside promotional young remixers). Some of his latest single productions include "Rockstar" (2012), "Lose My Mind" ft. Stephane Moraille (2013), "Anti Gravity" ft. Kirsten Collins (2014), "Love is Who We Are" (2015), "Dreamers" ft. Vanessa Piunno (2016), and "Tears of Heaven" (2018).

He has also been known to release remixes of tracks by several local and worldwide artists, such as "Thousand Miles" by Stevyn (2017), "U Gave Me" by Noah Ayrton (2018) and others. With his single "Breakaway" featuring BE1 (2019)[4], MC Mario joined Canadian music label Funktasy. His most recent releases on the international label in 2020 were "No Xplanation" and "Biggie's Soul" a collaboration with Hoss as part of MC Mario & Hoss.

MC Mario is also the only Canadian DJ to win a Stanley Cup as the official DJ of The Montreal Canadians in 1992.



With years of experience in the music industry as a singer, songwriter, and producer, topped with her endless live performance credentials, Andrea is an optimal example of a continuous and thriving success. Andrea has had countless musical releases, international tours with world renowned artists, and songs airing across the globe on television and radio. She has also reached as high as #7 on the Italian iTunes Dance charts and has collaborated with influential chart toppers and Grammy nominees throughout her career. After starting her own record label Scarlet Cartels and sub label Red Cartel, she has assembled an exclusive powerhouse team including dance music icon Starkillers which whom she collaborates with on many of her projects. From techno to melodic house, R&B to dark, gritty pop, her label has the coolest vibes for many different tastes. Andrea also has her own monthly DJ mix show "Fresh & Wild" which includes the freshest and wildest house and techno records. The show is syndicated to over 40 radio stations worldwide including Dash Radio and Mix 93 FM in Los Angeles. With steady releases lined up and in the works, stay tuned for what’s to come from this young Canadian talent.



Based in Catania Italy, DJ Producer Joseph Sinatra is the only non Canadian on BTR... Bringing some amazing international flavour to Friday nights with his DANCE IN THE WORLD Radio Show.