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LIVE 12-1pm ET Mon-Fri
Call Lowell: 613-413-2217

*NOTE: Calls will be taken on a "next on the line" basis. 

When you hear a caller hang up, that's your cue to call.


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Questions?  Email here

Q) Can't get Lowell Green's show. Where do i find it

Q) found Sept 15 but no audio
A) Make sure your computer speakers are turned up.   Also ensure that the podcast you selected did, in fact start.  Sometimes you have to click again.

Q) Thanks Lowell sounds great see you tomorrow on Facebook

Q) How do we put a message with Lowell! Do we have to sign up and log in?
A) In order to use the chat room, yes, you do have to register.    If you click in the chat bar, it will invite you to sign up!

COMMENT:  Hello to you all and I hope your day is going well.

Q) refuses to connect
A) Sorry you’re having difficulty.    It was working for us at the Lowell Green show and for many who joined us.

COMMENT: thanks - happy to be on board.

Q) Is this a podcast
A) We have both a live stream and a podcast.    At 12pm ET each weekday, the audio you hear when you go to is a live stream.   Similar to live on AM or FM, except it’s live on the internet.    The podcast (POD = Program On Demand) is made available a short time after the live broadcast.   You can access it towards the bottom of Lowell’s page ( and also by using Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or other dedicated apps for podcast listening.

COMMENT: If you dropped facebook live I would be perfectly happy.

Q) when i go to comment it logs me off ?
do i ned to sign up?  but that cost
A) Yes you need to sign up.   No, it doesn’t cost anything!