The Milkman (John Mielke)

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Weekdays 9am ET

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8am - Jesse & Jenna

9am - Milkman


9am Milkman

4pm Danny T


8am Jesse & Jenna

9am Milkman

12pm Rusty - Oldies


8am - Scotty Marsh

9am Milkman

1pm Knight & Tosh

4pm Danny T


8am Jesse & Jenna

9am Milkman

Inc. Finn's Friday Forecast

4pm Danny T

7pm Electrode

8pm Phoenix Lord

9pm MC Mario

10pm Joseph Sinatra


6am - Rusty Oldies

8am Brian Kelly

2pm One & Only Countdown

6pm One & Only Countdown


6am Mayfair Theatre Podcast

7am Sunday 70's with JJ

8am Brian Kelly

2pm Country Outlaws w. Rusty

4pm One & Only Countdown

7pm Sunday 70's with JJ

The Milkman Channel is the original BTR stream featuring shows from Jesse & Jenna, Scotty Mars, MC Mario, Sly Chapel, Phoenix Lord, Knight & Tosh, Russ "Rusty" Le Blanc, JJ Johnston, and Danny T!    Plus, The Milkman, John Mielke daily with sports from Bruce "Barks" Barker, weather reports from 6 year old Finn, and more!

After more than 25 years in conventional radio, the majority of it on air at KOOL FM and BOB FM Ottawa, John Mielke (The Milkman) founded in January 2015 moving his show here full time!

Today... He is heard live weekdays 9am-1pm ET and on weekend hosting The One & Only Countdown on BTR's original audio stream.









Listen weekdays for BTR's Bigger Better Boogie Break with his alter-ego DJ 2% plus a variety of lunchtime themes - including The LaffTag Lunch on Fridays!

The Milkman channel on BTR also features:
Brian Kelly Weekends 8am-2pm ET

Russ "Rusty" Le Blanc's oldies Wed. 12pm ET
Jesse & Jenna's Messy Podcast
The Scotty Mars Show
Kathy's Country Corner
Danny T
JJ's Sunday 70's @ 7

Sly Chapel's Electrode
DJ Phoenix Lord - Rise Like Phoenix
MC Mario

Finn's Friday Forecast with 6 year old Finn
Bruce "Barks" Barker (Barks Bites)
and more!