The Thing We Stole At Costco - The Weekend Jam May 6, 2023

The Weekend Jam With Zoë & The Milkman

Saturday, May 6th, 2023 - 52 minutes

Today we're joined by freaky food dude Chris Fothergill-Brown with a weird story involving spaghetti. We welcome our newest Jammer, Lita On Loud who will introduce you to her three favourite new songs of the week.

Plus... The thing we (ok, Milky) stole at Costco (uh oh!)
We've got your Tweets Of The Week (women's edition), Meme's We've Seen, Whatcha Watchin', Today's Weird Holidays, our go-to drinks for a sunny Saturday, a story of a pet rock on Mars and more!

It's a JAM packed WEEKEND JAM with Zoë and The Milkman

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