BTR Burger Helps Distress Centre

Here's a yummy and fun way to help support the Distress Centre of Ottawa & Region beginning Thursday with Blast The Radio and No Forks Given - 2560 Bank Street!!

The Milkman from BTR has designed THE FORKGIVENESS burger... Brioche bun, dabbed in butter, beef mixed with Milkman's favourite steak spice, a slice of whiskey infused back bacon (or turkey bacon if you choose Halal), ranch dressing, tangy BBQ sauce, smothered in cheddar cheese and topped with apple based coleslaw!

25% of the proceeds from this burger will go to The Distress Centre of Ottawa & Region... And, you can enter to win an Amazon Echo Dot!

NO FORKS GIVEN - 2560 Bank St. (same lot as Splash N Dash car wash) just south of Albion Rd.