Kathy's Country Korner connects you w/Country Artists across Canada - Listen to their Interviews....

Country Artists from AB, SK, MB & ON were part of Kathy's Country Korner today.

Find out what they've been up to lately, how they are dealing with not being able to perform live right now, also sharing details about their new singles. Give them a listen, download their music & support Cnd Country Music ;) ~ Kathy

Duane Steel's Interview: https://soundcloud.com/athy1970/duane-steele-interview

Website: http://duanesteele.com/

New Single: Bonfires & Guitars

Brandi Vezina's Interview: https://soundcloud.com/athy1970/brandi-vezina-interview

Website: https://www.brandivezina.com/

New Single: John Dillinger Type

Billy Simard's Interview: https://soundcloud.com/athy1970/billy-simard-interview

Website: https://www.facebook.com/billy.simard.39

New Single: Come On Take It

John Anderson's Interview: https://soundcloud.com/athy1970/john-anderson-interview

Website: https://www.johnandersonmusic.com/about

New Single: We're Just Young

Lori Kole's Interview: https://soundcloud.com/athy1970/lori-kole-interview

Website: http://lorikole.ca/

New Single: Matches & Moonshine

Justine Sletten's Interview: https://soundcloud.com/athy1970/justine-sletten-interview

Website: https://www.facebook.com/JustineSlettenmusic/

New Single: All Bad

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