Learn where the World's First Vegan Winery is, also some helpful wine etiquette tips.

I thought all wines were vegan but apparently not! After Kathy had a chance to chat with Sherry at Karlo Estates Winery, they are the World's First Vegan Winery! Sherry shares what's the difference between theirs & other wineries to make that possible. Also Sherry has some great wine etiquette tips to share with us. Enjoy & cheers!

World's First Vegan Winery: https://soundcloud.com/athy1970/sherry-from-karlo-estates-winery

Vegan Wings & Wine Etiquette: https://soundcloud.com/athy1970/sherry-karlo-vegan-wings-option

Cheers Etiquette: https://soundcloud.com/athy1970/sherry-cheers-etiquettes

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