Updated: May 21

Pete from joined The Milkman live on air Thursday. See/hear the interview here: Pete Dillon's murder mystery business had to suddenly shut down in the wake of Covid 19. Within days, he moved his business on-line, creating amazingly fun, interactive murder "u-done it's" for you to enjoy with friends, family, co-workers - from anywhere in the world! This Ottawa based business is a GREAT story and we hope you enjoy listening to it. Watch/Hear Milkman's interview here: So you're a dinner theatre murder mystery company... But with Covid 19, you can no longer entertain guests... Or can you? The gang from BIG TIME MURDER will join KJ & The Milkman Thursday to introduce you to their new on-line, interactive Murder Mystery series, Zoom Mystery!

We can't wait to tell you all about this fun idea! A perfect idea for entertainment in isolation!