Russ "Rusty" LeBlanc

Your Ole Pal Rusty:
“Rusty” is the nickname for national award winning broadcaster Russ Le Blanc. Russ has been in the broadcasting business for a loooooong time and has held just about every job in radio (from senior management to sweeping floors) but his REAL love is being on-air (he’s hosted programming on over 160 radio stations across Canada) and now he’s sharing the “love” to BTR listeners (no protection required).
Country Outlaws & Alternatives with your Ole Pal, Rusty

It’s a show hosted by “your ole pal Rusty” (AKA: national award winning broadcaster, Russ Le Blanc). Say’s Rusty: “The music we play gets down to the roots meaning the roots of country, which is the roots of rock, which can also be the roots of polka! OK, the polka comment was a stretch. Most of what we play is misfit music from misfit artists (played by a misfit broadcaster). Our playlist knows no borders. Whether it’s from Hank Williams Sr. or Britain’s top country group (which happens to be the Rolling Stones) the music has one BIG thing in common, it’s COOL “stuff!”