BTR is literally the soundtrack of my life. I have never had a better time listening to music than the last 2 days while the stonemason works on building the skin of our fireplace. is putting a big smile on my face. Thank you.

- George - Ottawa ON


It's amazing how every song gets me as excited as the last!

- Lindsay - Ottawa ON


Hi blast the radio. I work at a best buy store in Toronto and recently someone installed your app on our tablets and ipads. Today we had your station running and lots of people commented on the cool station we had on. Keep up the great work.

 - James


We are here for a reason and it is you. We

connect, which is what the other personalities don't have. There

have been lots of ups and downs, and that's ok. It's part of it. But

when it's up it's DAMN GOOD. BTR means the world to me. It has

changed me as a person. I'm loving this vibe you have going on

lately. Keep at it my friend! Much Love!
- Michelle - Ottawa




BTR and you Milky has gotten me through things I thought I couldn't

handle.. From BTR listeners helping me get my daughter into the

Hospital, to lifting me up when I need it, to just being a great

friend.  And you Milky for guiding me to help others, I have learned

a lot in 2 years hope to learn more


J - Ottawa ON



This (video stream) and headphones on the bus....brings me to my own space where I’m alone on the bus instead of with 100 other people. the sound here is amazeballs

- TM Ottawa



I'll never be able to have you know how much you mean to me, Milky!
You ease my loneliness.  Love this chat and music.  Xoxoxox

- N.  Massachusetts



As a fellow depression sufferer I wish to ty although we never want to hear it

listening to GREAT music and hearing your not the only one on a daily basis makes

the world seem less vast.  And on those days I crawl up on my couch and can't move I

have in past put your live feed on just to see another person that is live and real.

Thank you for what you do.


- Received by text




Thank you for the openness about sexualiyy on your show and page.  I’m starting a new relationship that has already become more open about the needs and kinks than my last one.


- B. Ottawa



I’ve been casually adding BTR to the favourites bar on all the office desktops.

- B.




Yesterday (we) had an appointment at the General Hospital and a certain radio station was playing.. as (daughter) said "in the last hour I don't think I have heard one song, do they ever shut up?"  And then she was like I get why you listen to BTR.

- Julie Ottawa ON




Milky, I LOVE the boogie breaks, they happen to be right when im

walking from the bus stop to the office, I pretend I'm walking the

catwalk to the beats lol

- Tina Ottawa ON





Your energy is infectious.  :) Had a rough morning, but you're making it much better.  

- Amy Ottawa ON




I’m sorry, that is not the correct password.
- Siri




Music has been my savior. I can get lost in the beat, in the lyrics, in the message the song brings.


I can log into my favorite station and into its chat room at any time and if im having a bad day, my friends are in there always willing to listen.


I think having that community has truly saved my life. If it weren’t for Blast The Radio, I never would have met so many friends. So many friends that have stood by me during my darkest times.


An amazing community of people who not only understand depression and its many forms, but for some have actually lived it and are still living it.


- Tina Marie Ottawa ON




The BTR app is the real deal.  I heard Madonna, Headpins and Bob Seger back to back!


- John Ottawa ON



I have met a lot of incredible people and made a lot of friends through BTR.

That's all thanks to a little station making big noise and the man behind it!

Thanks for everything you do, John!
- Julie Gatineau QC




Love ya and I believe in YOU!
- Jackie Ottawa ON




BTR has been a life changer for me.. I have learned more about the LGTBQ community, learned about Mental Health and learned a lot about the local talent we have in Ottawa. Oh and the music rocks!

- Julie - Ottawa ON




You have made my work life great... I haven't listened to local stations in months.
- Andrea Winnipeg MB




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