• The Morning Brew Haha With Shanna & Milky The Morning Brew Haha With Shanna & Milky

    Friends having fun talks about things that need talking about.

  • The Motorcycle Radio Show The Motorcycle Radio Show

    Something new and exciting is coning soon! A Local Motorcycle Show/Podcast dedicated to the motorcycle enthusiast. We'll be discussing everything Motorcycles, and have guest speakers, people can call in with questions in regards to anything motorcycle. We'll have special charity event segments with the organizers and more.

  • The Weekend Jam With Zoë & The Milkman The Weekend Jam With Zoë & The Milkman

    Zoë And The Milkman from BlastTheRadio.com

  • Bumps In The Road Bumps In The Road

    Anyone who’s experience a mental health challenge knows all too well how dark, and how lonely a journey it can be. But just like any journey, the road can take you to better places. And, along the way, you’ll hit the occasional bump in the road. John Mielke, The Milkman hosts a podcast recorded from inside a 28 foot RV as he travels to community events, and live on location broadcasts across Canada and, soon, the USA!

 Keep listening for details on where we’re headed next. And, if we’re coming your way, I’d love to invite you into the BTRV for mental health!

  • Turned On Turned On

    It's the podcast for passionate, sex positive and pervy people! Syndicated talk show host and sex therapist Sue McGarvie and international radio host John "The Milkman" Mielke have entertaining and informative discussions about the latest in sex and sexuality! From swingers to kink to dating and romance and everything in between! www.TurnedOnPodcast.com

  • What She Said / Candace Sampson What She Said / Candace Sampson

    Hot Topics. Big Laughs. Bold Ideas.

  • The Milkman Show The Milkman Show

    Highlights from the syndicated MILKMAN SHOW originating on www.BlastTheRadio.com

  • Almost Prepared Almost Prepared

    Take two friends, who live two VERY different lives, put them in front of a microphone and let the magic begin!! Jamie and Victoria chat about their relationships, friends, family and all the drama in-between. The good, the bad, the ugly, they chat about anything and everything, and share their honest opinions.

  • The Smitty & Middy Show The Smitty & Middy Show

    Noah Smith and Tyler Middleton bring you new guest interviews and all the sports banter you need every Monday at 8amEST.

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