BTR Shows & Hosts

Brian Kelly - BTR Weekends

Sat & Sun 8am-2pm ET

Lowell Green

2pm ET Mon-Fri

The Milkman

Mon-Fri 9am-1pm ET

The Morning Brew Haha!

9am Weekdays

What She Said

Monday 3pm / Wednesday 8pm

Capital Queer Sundays

2pm Sunday

Jesse & Jenna

Wed/Fri 8am

The Scotty Mars Show

Thursday 8:30am ET

The Knight & Tosh Show

Thursdays 1pm ET

ParaVice City

Saturday 9pm ET


10:30am Weekdays

Rusty's Good Time Oldies

Wednesday 12pm ET & Saturday 6am ET


Sly Chapel - Friday 7pm ET

Eric Raymond

Sports / Morning Brew Haha!

Finn's Friday Forecast

Fridays 9am

Phoenix Lord

Phoenix Lord - Friday 8pm ET

Crystal Waters - I Am House

Friday 10pm ET

Almost Prepared

Friday 1pm ET

Naughty Nights

Saturday 10pm

Fresh & Wild

Andrea Godin - Friday 11pm ET

MC Mario

Friday 9pm ET

Danny T

Tues/Thurs/Friday 4-7pm ET

Sunday 70's @ 7

JJ Johnston 7am & 7pm ET Sundays

DJ Joseph Sinatra

Saturday 12am ET

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