Lisa... From A Type A Personality To A Type Zen - May 18, 2023

Bumps In The Road

Friday, May 19, 2023 - 46 minutes

Lisa heals people. Especially those of us dealing with anxiety and stress and depression.
Lisa is a Reiki practitioner, and Shamanic Healer at Kingston's Integrated Health.
When I first met Lisa, I instantly felt the calm that radiates from her. It is undeniable. But Lisa wasn't always this way. She set out to be in journalism, then found her way into business and was building an empire! Until she got sick.

I admire anyone who listens to the universe when this happens and asks, "what is the message here?" Lisa did just that. Listened, learned, opened her eyes and her soul and learned about an entire world of energies and spirituality that has her truly at peace, and able to help others through her work, her writing, her podcast and more.

This was a powerful conversation. I cried the moment it ended. We need more of these lessons in life. Thank you Lisa!

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