Sex Bucket Lists Are Boring - We Have Better Ideas - Turned On March 14, 2023

Turned On

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 - 26 minutes

Today Sue McGarvie and John Mielke discuss why most bucket lists are boring, and we have some ideas to make them better!

Plus... Cat litter can be impacting your sex life.    You won't believe what Sue has to say about this!

We'll also introduce you to White Tigress Techniques which are said to be the ultimate in blowjob techniques!   Sue can get you the book for free.

John wonders if there are too many cheaters out there who hear the term "swinger" and think "automatic lay!"   Is he meeting swingers, cheaters or star fuckers?

And... What is your favourite role play fantasy?   We discuss!

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John Mielke:


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