Truths About Sex Clubs - Turned On With Sue And John

Turned On

Tuesday, February 6, 2024 - 37 minutes

Hey it's Sue McGarvie and The Milkman! Thanks for getting Turned On with us!

Today we give you some truths about sex clubs. We also have some fun sex hacks for you!
A listener is asking for some advice. She wants to change the rules that were put in place for her open marriage. We'll also discuss jealousy and what to do about it.

John has this week's Kinky Confessions, things YOU have logged onto our website to tell us you dream about!

Sue will run down some of this year's top toys for Valentine's Day, and give you some fun "would you rather" questions to help heat things up at home (complete list here:

And... We discuss fortune cookies... In bed.

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